learn if you are an Invisalign candidate

Things You Need To Learn If You Are An Invisalign Candidate

If your teeth are not in proper order, it can affect your self-esteem. Traditionally metal braces were used to align your teeth. But the problem with metal braces is that it affects your look and self-confidence. In addition, it can lead to poor hygiene practices. Therefore, an alternative treatment to this is created. Invisalign is a treatment where clear and removable aligners align your teeth. The benefit of these aligners is that they are removable and do not affect your look. Hence, you can practice your hygiene properly. Different factors can affect this treatment which you should learn if you are an Invisalign candidate.

What are the benefits of Invisalign treatment?

The purpose of this treatment is the alignment of teeth.

  • No need to wear painful metal braces

Metal braces are stuck to your teeth and sometimes can hurt you and cause pain. On the other hand, Invisalign is removable and does not cause any discomfort. They are tailored according to the shape of your teeth.

  • It helps to maintain your look

Braces are visible. They often end up making people self-conscious about their looks. This is not the case with transparent aligners. They blend in with your look, and you can smile as widely as you want.

  • Helps you maintain good hygiene

When wearing a metal brace, food may get stuck in the metal. This can lead to decay of teeth and poor hygiene. But with this aligner, you can remove them and clear your mouth properly. This helps you to maintain the hygiene of your mouth.

What factors can stop you from becoming an Invisalign candidate?

The situations that can affect your treatment are as follows which you can learn if you are an Invisalign candidate.

If your teeth are calcified, the treatment will show no effect

Calcified teeth are a condition in which whitish-yellow color plaque gets deposited on your teeth. This can affect the moment of the teeth as the plaque makes the teeth rigid. Hence, you need to remove the calculus to receive the treatment.

If there is bone loss in teeth

There is one disease that can lead to jaw bone loss in humans. If the treatment is followed in that condition, it can worsen the situation for that person.

If there are implants

If you have implants placed in your teeth it can affect the result of the treatment. Hence, you need to get the implants removed before the treatment.