Shanmukh Jaswanth comedy thriller web series

Do you like watching comedy web series? Web series have become common these days; many people watch them just like movies. Comedy web series are a good choice if you want entertainment because they will not keep you bored. Crime thrillers series, on the other hand, are also liked by most people as it involves solving many cases. Agent Anand Santosh is one of the best Telugu webseries, a comedy crime thriller.

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 The cast of Agent Anand Santosh

The leading cast member of the web series Agent Anand Santosh is Shanmukh Jaswanth as Agent Anand Santosh. The other cast includes Vaishali Raj, Prithvi Jhakaas, Balakrishna Neelakantapuram, Jenny, Alankrita Shah, etc. Shanmukh Jaswanth has played the detective role well in this web series. His fun way of acting and dialogue keeps the viewers entertained.

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The story of the web series Agent Anand Santosh

Agent Anand Santosh is a comedy thriller web series which revolves around the central character Anand Santosh. The story starts with his introduction, wherein he runs a small detective agency. But after completing some of his cases, he works in another detective agency. The fun part of the movie is that most of the cases he receives will be small, like finding the stolen tire of an expensive car.

The exciting part of this web series is that there will be a big story and crime behind each of his small cases. Anand Santosh tries to find out all such things via a reasonable investigation. Thus, it keeps the viewers entertained until the end.

Watch the comedy thriller web series Agent Anand Santosh only on aha

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The best divorce lawyers care about and watch over the children’s future in common, making sure to offer a maintenance plan for their development in childhood. This firm’s family mediation law is in charge of this task.

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One of the most common concerns when facing a separation or divorce is finding a cheap divorce lawyer. One of the more affordable options is divorce by mutual agreement.

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In the case of mutually agreed divorce, both spouses have previously reached an agreement where stipulated measures govern between them and their children. On the contrary, if there is a contentious divorce, the sentence reached between the two parties is not to the liking of one of them.


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